Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Time.....New Purse Time....and Moon Music Time!!:)

Remember that apron I made for work using "Authentic"....well I had a bit of it and Don's black Levis leftover and thought they would make a great bag.

My online pal Amy blogged about this great DIY Bag Lover site that has all kinds of generously donated tutorials and I found a shoulder bag tut by Melissa on her blog "Tiny Happy" and cutting commenced!

A back pocket from the Levis here, a watch pocket from same pants there, a zipper, large button and green flower lining fabric there and Spring bag!

Inside there are two side pockets and a zipper pocket for my wallet.

The big Levis pocket will hold my cell phone and I put some of the black denim on the bottom so I don't have to worry too much about it looking I need to clean out my old bag...Ugh!

This past Friday we headed over to The Döner Bistro (where Maria works) to eat some great German food and listen to some fantastic music ala Moon Music. My good pal Mary Alyce is in the center....we have know each other since our kids were in Preschool together!:) She is an amazing singer as are her fellow band members. Thanks for a great time.....hope you all play there again soon!;)

And then there is this mom-in-law decided we girls needed something to keep us warm, hence the Snuggies and our best three-headed Smurf impression.... Maria and my nephew think we look good?;o


  1. Riley has a snuggy that we got her last yeat for Christmas at her request. a bit odd for a 9yr old but she loves hers. I'm loving the blue smurffy feeling.
    Your bag looks awesome girlie. I am getting NO sewing done this week. Boohoo.

  2. Love the bag, and thanks for posting the site, I also like making bags, not that I need another one. Not so sure about the snuggies, but will certainly keep you warm.

  3. The bag turned out great! I love that you used the denim on the bottom - nothing ruins a beautiful bag quicker than a light colored [quickly-dirt&dust-colored] bottom. Snuggies are quite the fashion statement :)

  4. What the ... is a snuggy? Big blue sack? has it got arms in? wow... (she said bemused....)

    Love the bag though! Keep trying to pluck up the courage to make one myself... Even got a pattern (in japanese...mmmm...) but not done it yet. Yours came out ever so well! Must hop over and check those sites out. Thanks for the links!

  5. Great bag! I love the repurposing of the jeans too. I cut the legs off of my son's jeans before we toss them so I have a whole mess of legs!!

    I would like to see a quilt snuggy ... but these seem backwards to me.

  6. Great bag and rofl - the smurfs :-)