Saturday, March 13, 2010

WVU...2010 Big East Champs!! Wish We Were There!!

WhoooooHOOoooooooo!!! The Mountaineer Basketball team is the Big East Champs for 2010....bring on the NCAA Tournament!!

This young man in the #1 was the MVP of the tournament. Senior Da'Sean Butler had the winning basket to beat Cincinnati 54-51, the winning basket to beat Notre Dame 53-51 and the winning basket to beat Georgetown 60-58!! There is some major celebrating going on in Morgantown!!

Last April we were lucky enough to be able to attend Maria's Puppetry Class final performance. It was highly entertaining. One of the students in the class was none other than Da'Sean himself...can you pick him out in the picture?;) Maria is just to the left. I need to get her to upload a video of her final project so you all can see it....needless to say we were very proud!!

Country Roads never sounded sweeter!!
Go 'Eers!!

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  1. So many games over the years, so many disappointments. But I have to say the last few nights were worth the wait.

    I have this horrible fear that WVU will play Montana in the first round of the tournament...