Monday, February 7, 2011

Bitty Blocks Tres and Some Other Sweet Stuff!

ORBC Quilt-Along Ticker Tape Round 9 is finished so I have rejoined the world of Swaps!:) One of my favorites is the Bitty Block Committee! This month's themes are word/text or trees. Of course I had to do both of them!
I had some Moda Sunkissed scraps from work and sewed them together...decided they needed a little something so I took inspiration from one of the words on the fabric and embroidered a little sprout!
I want to put the trees with the houses from last month...I love felt and whipped these up. I can't wait to get all of them...I have an idea!:)
How about these guys...Sooz had this idea to make bitties with veggie celebrities like Beety Boop or Lima Beanelli....I picked Dr. Pepper...I just realized their arms are above their collar!! Oops!:)
When bitty's were finished I dug out the Pure canvas I bought several months ago...I decided I needed a new bag. Like my hot pink Swiss Army knife?:)
This was my favorite project of the week! My lovely coworker Kerry brought me some sweets from her trip to Road to California....a couple of candy coated FQs!! I added them to some cupcake fabrics and colorful scraps and now have a fantastic tablerunner that I will use for birthday parties...and to top it off the mailman made a timely delivery of that teapot fabric...isn't it perfect?:)
These were made with the scraps from Emanuela's quilt....still working on the quilt's binding. I promise I'll be done soon Bella!:)



  1. DOCTOR PEPPER!!!!! *wipes tear away* That's hilarious! I love their little head-mirror wotsits. (What ARE they called?!)

    I'm also a bit in love with your trees. You're so clever.

  2. You've been working a lot! Love all your blocks!