Sunday, February 13, 2011

With Love to Italia

I have recently reconnected with my Dad's family back in Reggio Calabria, Italia...young Emanuela and I have become email pals. She is my dad's(Anthony), sister's (Domenica), son's (Antonino), daughter!:)
Did that make sense?
Emanuela had seen my blog and commented on the quilts and right away I knew I had to make one for her. I asked her what her favorite colors are and she said fuchsia, rose, lilac, blue, turquoise..."clouds in the morning". Well that sure made it easy. I immediately thought of my little collection of Kaffe fat quarters. So with a little Kaffe and a couple of yards of Bella solid I had a little fun!:)
This photo is for Lynz's husband!!:)
Here is my fun displayed on the car I drove in high school...a '67 Mercury Cougar and Don's '77 Mach I Mustang...our courting behind it. They are officially antiques...they only have to be 25 years old to get that designation...what does that make me?:)

Look Emanuela...your quilt has been in the snow!:)
It has been over 2 1/2 weeks since the big snow but has been so cold there is still a ton on the ground....looking forward to the 60+ degrees they have promised in the next couple of days!
To make this a really international quilt I used Kaffe's map fabric on the back...continents that aren't real it!!


  1. oooh! Pretty pretty! She's gonna love it! Happy Valentine's day!

  2. the map fabric on the back is perfect! it is so fun to connect with people - especially when they are a world away :)

  3. Just showed my hubby the pic of your car. We restored a 68 Cougar XR7. They're fun cars.

  4. Your quilt is lovely - you can't beat Kaffe fabric, it really just makes a quilt!

  5. Oh, wow! I don't know what I love more; that gorgeous quilt (the map fabric is inspired!) or your amazing cars!! I'm at work so can't show Al but as soon as I'm home you'll hear the appreciation!!

  6. Very pretty! Got to love the Kaffe fabric. The backing is perfect!

    Angie -