Thursday, February 17, 2011

A GREAT Day!!:)

First of all the SUN was out and it was almost 7o degrees, nothing was going to stop Dena and I from finally getting together again! After lunch at Panera's and a visit to Dena's place of employment....
...we promised to get together again sooner than thinks next week!!:) We did remember to take a do I need to go for a touch up!:) Thanks for a good time Little D!!xo
The great day didn't stop there...waiting for me in our mailbox was a plethora of soft mail! Three envelopes had bitty blocks, the biggest envelope had this....
Can you believe this? Amy of Stolen Moments for Creativity is my partner for this round of the Mini QT Swap, the theme is 3D...and boy did she nail it!:) Between the linocut print, open door, embroidery, pleated lampshade with bead body and the wee little picture hanging from ribbon this little gem is a masterpiece and is already hanging in my room for me to enjoy 24/7!!:) There is lots more...go visit her blog to see her lovely photos and the other wonderful things that she makes during stolen moments!:) Thanks Amy!!

One other envelope arrived along with all that soft wonderfulness....postcards and a music CD from Maria. Alas sweetie...the CD doesn't work...but we loved the postcards....see that door at the bottom right? That's where Maria works!:)
To top it all off Don came home with some lovely fruit and veggies for our dinner...yum!
Yes, it was a great I'm going to go play with some Kaffe!!:)
ps....Slate is doing well!!:)


  1. Again, I am so happy that you are happy! Maria's postcard showing where she works is so cool! The Kaffee strips sure are pretty all together like that!

  2. D! You and D look so happy. We are having a heat wave here in PA as well a whopping 50+ degree day. Aww, come on now... it is better than the 20's, or brrrr, teens we just left behind :)

    The Kaffe spread is as yummy as all those goodies you received in the mail.

  3. Does it not work in the CD player or on the computer? It's those CDs, there were too many options when I was burning it and I did not know what to pick. Hopefully if you put it on the computer you can just take the files off and put them on your ipod.