Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Us!

He was our Christmas present to each other last year because we spent so much on his vet bill....he is our Valentine's Day present to each other this year....because we spent soooo much money today on his vet bill.
We don't know what he is fighting with to get these wounds that then get infected. He is the SWEETEST kitty....we think he is related to the cat in Neil Gaiman's "The Price" ...have you read that story?
Slate is not real happy right now....he has to be an inside cat for two weeks!
This is not going to be easy!


  1. Better not be like the cat in that story, if so we are keeping him inside all the time.

  2. Poor meow. Hope he doesn't go too crazy!

  3. Aaw, bless him! He needs a little quilted sock to make that bandage less bandage-y lookin' Mom!!

  4. No worries Maria...he has been sleeping inside all winter and all is well.

    Lynz....I think he would feel more indignant than he already does with a quilted sock!;) But he sure would be cute!!

  5. AWW - Poor Guy! Good luck keeping him indoors.

    Angie -

  6. Poor guy! He looks utterly perturbed in the first picture - such personality!!