Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rainbow Explosion and a few fish bones!

December's theme at the Bitty Block Committee was Roy G Biv....rainbow colors...the prism, and I have finally put that little mini together....Slate decided it was a good place to sleep as this is where I found him this morning. I used one of Maria's old dresses for the backing.
This morning we had luscious sunshine....I basked in it while at the computer....
....and so did the minis. The one on the left is made from all the scraps. I am trying hard to use up scraps while they are sitting there on my cutting board.
I had this great fabric...Puzzle Pieces in a rainbow gradation for the sashing and of bones for the binding!:)
I needed this pop of color today...and the sunshine!
Hope you are getting your "D" today!!


  1. Very nice Dee!
    I'd love to be able to "pop" over and come see your stuff!
    But i'll settle for this internet thing.
    Oh, and i loved Maria's latest post about Valentiine's Day. Too cute!

  2. Thanks for sharing those pops of color! They are both so very pretty!

  3. It is easy to see why Slate is loving them... they are great!! A well needed dose of sunshine.

  4. Forgot to say that the square in the second row in the middle...right under the scissor square is mine....the least imaginative one!:)

  5. Such delicious colors! We can use some color this winter.

  6. Wow, those rainbow colours are really zingy! Just what I needed on a dull Scottish day!

  7. Wow this is lovely. I love the way you have graduated the colours of your sashings, it looks great, hope I can do my rainbows justice.