Sunday, February 6, 2011

She's Not Here Yet....

....but this is for Penelope....she's due next week.
Her mom and my mom sing in the same choir at asked me to make a quilt for her.
Penelope...your family is excited!
Do you think she will like this?;)


  1. Another Penelope?? When I named my littlest Penelope, I didn't know a single Penelope and now this baby will be the 4th I have met in her 20 months. The quilt is super sweet.

  2. That's a lovely little quilt. I just love pink and yellow very pretty!

  3. Oh, it's so fresh looking! I love it and she will too!

  4. Of COURSE she'll like it Dee!
    And if she doesn't, just send it this way: my daughter has a friend who's having a baby soon. YIPES! I'd best get on it!