Saturday, February 26, 2011

A little Kaffe...a little Jacobs.....and Maria's Big Good...Bad...Good Week!

Several months ago...lucky me....I brought home from work a bunch of Kaffe Fasset and Phillip Jacobs trimmings. I sewed them together in groups of 5 or 6 depending on the colors or shapes of the trimmings since they were all pretty wonky, then put them aside. Finishing Emanuela's quilt I fell in love with the Kaffe map fabric I put on the back so decided to pull out those strips and start playing with them once again.
I laid them out light down to dark, added a border of fuchsia fabric and some yardage of Kaffe I had been hording and came up with this! I love it, when you look at it from a distance it looks like a sunrise/sunset. One week after I put this together I found more Kaffe/Jacobs trimmings in my apron pocket at work! Well, the top is done....but I still needed a backing!
Sewed those scraps together, did a little cutting, added the map fabric and there you go. It will be a while before this is quilted because I feel it needs some FMQ... need to learn how to do that first!!
Made this mini from the scraps....put my label up at the top so I can use it as a hanger....kinda looks like Stonehenge doesn't it?:) Maybe that's what I'll call it!
I've been busy but this girl has had a roller coaster of a week! She found out one of her papers was published on the Young Adult Fantasy Guide. Great! A couple days later she went to a poetry slam and her backpack with her Acer netbook, ipod, American phone, camera and external hard drive was stolen! Worst of all her notebooks, one of which she has been writing ideas in for the past 5 years was in the backpack too! Downer! Luckily she had her UK phone and her WALLET in her hand!
Earlier in the week she was contacted by the Save the Children, Born to Write Blogging Conference that she had won a spot in their Masterclass with Melvin Burgess....but she had to work! Downer! After the backpack incident she contacted work and found a replacement so off to London she went! Yeah!
She tells this all much better than I do...go have a visit and sent her some bloggie encouragement!!:) There's more to the story!!
Goodness....can you believe that March is almost here? Time to start thinking about the garden! Yeah!!


  1. beautiful quilt. all from trimmings? you are amazing!

  2. Oh dear, Maria had quite the week! Congratulations to her on the published paper! I love your new quilts! How lucky you are to get trimmings at work! They are both beautiful.

  3. Love your quilts!
    Congrats to your daughter!And sorry for the bad moment...