Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Intercourse Fabric....

....Store...I knew that would get your attention!:)

Yesterday I went on a road trip to Intercourse, PA with my friend Sandie. I had no thoughts to what the day held except a nice drive up to Amish Country and some jerky...she promised me really good jerky.

Two and a half hours later we arrived that the most wonderful place. Horse and buggies all around and it was wash day so everywhere you looked there were these fantasticly long lines of colorful shirts and black pants and skirts. It was amazing. I wish the light had been better for pictures but it wasn't so you will have to use your imaginations.

Our main goal was getting Sandie's Christmas ham. First we stopped at Stoltzfus Meats Deli, a most wonderful place with spices, packaged soups, dried fruits and nuts, candy, perserves and of course MEAT!:) But this isn't where she purchased her ham...
our next stop was the Kitchen Kettle Village right across the street.
The Kitchen Kettle Village is 39 little specialty shops with everything from fudge, coffee beans, quilted bags, leather goods, pottery, engraved signs, music boxes and of course meat!:) You walk down Pepper Lane and all the little shops have their wares inviting you to come in. There's a ton more but too much to list so you can visit the above link!:) So now Sandie had her ham and what a lovely ham it was. I myself was sucked in to buying cheese...because of the samples...that's what happens when there are samples...these people know we are weak! We didn't have to get lunch that's for sure!:)

There was so much to see in Intercourse, I was just overwhelmed...but I came to my senses when Sandie brought me to Zook's Fabric Store!! To say I was a kid in a candy store just doesn't cover it! Rows and rows of fabric....I just walked all the way to the back of the store and then started looking....one row later (that's all...just one row!) and I had nine bolts of fabric in my arms...this picture on the right shows my haul....each only $3.49 per yard!!

OK, so I figure I need to stop right there so I took them to the nice lady doing the cutting....and I she says why don't I go look around more while she cut.....bad advice for me....good for her though because I noticed a treasure room several steps down!!!! That's where the true remnants were!! All $2.29 a yard!!! They were in hunks anywhere from 7/8 a yard to 3 or 4 yards and the only thing was these could not be cut...you took it all or nothing.....I took it ALL!! I mean for $2.49 who can resist...not me!

Then...I look behind me.... oh..... my..... gosh.....Kona solids for $3.69 per yd!!!! I bravely held myself up and even more bravely picked out just three...just three!:) That's the picture at the top, three Kona's on the left and my remnants on the right. I mean I really had to stop myself....worst of all I found out they have a website...the prices on remnants are really good there too but much better at the physical stores of course.

Lesson learned my friends....where there is meat....there is FABRIC!!!:)

Oh.....and moon pies...oops...I mean whoopie pies!!

Thanks Sandie!!


  1. Do they have support groups for folks like you? ;)

  2. Don't forget the other two fabric stops close to where you were:

    The Old Country Store (also has a quilt museum) http://www.theoldcountrystore.com

    The Quilt and Fabric Shack http://www.thequiltandfabricshack.com

    I have been to the fabric shack one. They also sell quilts there too. Good selection. Moderate prices from what I remember. The other one is on my list to go to when I get in the area again.

    Oh, and if you are in a pinball mood: http://www.pinballgallery.net

  3. I live in Amish country here in Ohio (and work a couple days/month at our lqs). In your last picture, we call those whoopie pies - I thought it was funny that in Intercourse they don't call them whoopie pies :)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  4. Hahahaaha!! I'm going to have to stop because there is no more room in my jelly cupboard where I store my fabric!!

    Heidi...what are you trying to do to me? Remember you are supposed to STARVE a fever?!!:)

    Sandie...it was a blast!

    Heidi II....you are right...after I posted this I noticed on the Village website that they call them Whoopie pies....I goofed!:)

  5. Oh you people are so lucky with all of the fabric shops, so nice to see and touch the fabric, but as I can't do that, I will go to the web site to see what is going on there.

    I have to thank you again for all of the fabric you sent in my S.S. parcel. I have now got a big project planned for next year. I am hoping to make 'Sylvia's Bridal Sampler' from Elm Creek Quilts,and hope to use a lot of your small pieces, then it will truely be a friendship quilt. Jo (Sewjo flickr

  6. So jealous!!! Always wanted to visit Amish country and to find such fantastic fabric at such unbelievable prices....oh man! Sounds like you had a great day!