Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seeing Double, Triple, Quadruple......

So, is this what you thought those little blocks of wood were? I loved the guesses, especially city planner!:)

These Holy Family sets are bound for the ChristkindlMarket that my dear daughter has organized for the German Bistro where she is coming up on the 12th. My DH cut the blocks out for me...thanks sweetie!:) I found this design in one of my Pop's wood magazines a million years ago so I don't have any clue who to credit!
I still have so much work to do to get ready...I have six crib quilts waiting for me to handsew the binding and four more pin-basted in the ready for quilting. I need to put string or ribbon hangers on lots of ornaments. I have crocheted about 7 scarves and made a few mini baskets and about 20 mini stockings...I have been busy! Best of all I have used up a lot of stuff taking up room in our house. The only thing I have purchased is some fabric and thread....we know that is always a joy!!

I love carving these little ornaments. My husband puts linseed oil on them and the color and grain of the wood shines. In this case my Pops cut out the squares and diamonds from leftover poplar (my favorite wood but not to carve...too hard) and aspenwood which is very white and soft so there really isn't much grain but it was all scrap and Pops did a great job cutting and sanding them. I just need to add some colorful ribbon for hanging.

I promise I'll post some pictures of the quilts when I get them bound, washed and dried in all their crinkly glory. Now I need to tag everything and everyone knows that deciding what to charge for each item is no know there is no way you can be properly compensated for labor and material but I am not looking for a profit, just trying to help out DD with her market and earn a little more cash for my stash!!:)


PS...Pops made me some really awesome little wooden Xmas trees for the market....go look here at my sister's blog...


  1. You are only busy lady. Busy crafting! I can't think of much better than that!

  2. do you ever sleep? you've gotten so much done, it's amazing. I love the Holy Family sets, and those Christmas trees are adorable. And 10 quilts almost ready too. I've managed to finish one. Good luck at market.

  3. Yeah!! One of my favorite Christmas decorations is my very own Holy Family you made for me years ago.

  4. Aaaaaah ! So now I seeeeee !! he he he... Very nice. I especially like the diamonds and squares, wouldn't they go well in a tree with red gingham ribbons and little angels? Well done.. even if you kept us in suspense! (really, cityplanner was the first thing I thought of!!)

  5. Beautiful Dee - you are a woman of many talents!

  6. those are great! i had no idea what those blocks of wood were destined for :)

  7. Lovely! Those little ornaments are pretty :-)