Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Official...She's going to Oxford Brookes....

....Yes....Oxford Brookes in jolly olde Oxford, England...that is where Dear Daughter is going to grad school next Fall to get her MA in Creative Writing!

DD sent her application in this summer and then was supposed to have a phone interview on Thanksgiving morning but the call never came and she just made it to the meal on time! So she waited another week (after hearing the really good excuse why she was stood up, a young person's safety was at issue) and had a lovely chat with England and was told they would recommend her for a spot! Of course we weren't allowed to say anything until she received the "Official Letter" which was killing me! Well, today she received an email from Harriet (her new favorite person and contact at Brookes) saying she was quite in and would be getting a letter in a few days!! So now I am spreading the news and bragging!!:)
Guess Dear Husband best be getting his passport!
ps...Lynz...she is going to want to visit you in Scotland!;)


  1. and a NEW HAT too for the occasion! Congratulations to your daughter ! How fantastic. she must be over the moon! So does that mean you are coming over to visit her and see us all here in the UK??

  2. Woo-hoo!!!! Oh, Dee, you must come and visit! I would even venture down from the misty hills - or, y'know, you put your woolies on and come see us!! Well done, clever girl!!

  3. Yep....start saving your pennies!:)

  4. Yeah, M!! Just don't come back sounding like Madonna.