Monday, December 7, 2009

Look what you can get at Urban Outfitters!

Isn't that a lovely pile of fabric!! Our son works one day a week at Urban Outfitters (for the great discount) in Richmond. I don't think any of the clothes would fit me but the linens sure do!

As a parent of an employee we get 25% off, he gets 40%!! But last week I was checking out Urban's website and looking at the sale items in the bedding department and came across some tapestries, duvet covers and fabric and just couldn't resist some of them!! And I think I received 40% off all of them!

The birdcage fabric is just that...fabric that you can I did...two packs...6.4 yds total for $12!
The tapestry is the rose fabric with blue background...huge lovely piece....about 6 yds worth for $6!!
The multi-colored floral is a duvet so twice the fabric....9.2 yds for $15.00!!
And the modern print with the dove is also a duvet. The print is by Alexander Girard, he worked for Herman Miller's textile division in the 50s and that lovely piece is about 6.3 yds of fabric for $12!!!
All told I got about 28yds of fabric for $45 which translates to $1.60 per yd or even if you count the shipping and handling...which wouldn't have been what it was if I hadn't purchased some other still came to $2.32 per yd!

Now I know you all can't get the discount but they have really great sales and you should check them out about once a month to look or if you are lucky enough to have an Urban Outfitters near your home even better, stop in and give it all a feel...just make sure no one is looking!;)



  1. Great tip! You know, I was at the mall and looking at some really cool cotton boxer shorts and thought they'd look cool in a quilt. Weird??

  2. Great find, Dee! I love the dove and birdcage fabrics.

    John, had to laugh - at the thrift store I was picking up some women's denim jumpers to upcycle into dungarees for my nephew. Turned at the end of the row and fell in love with some men's boxers and women's pajama pants...for 29 cents each. In the end the pj's came home with me but I left the boxers hanging.

  3. Oh I love the doves and birdcages... really great! Thanks for sharing that!

  4. It's funny that you say that! I've had my eye on a duvet waiting for it to go on sale because it looks like a fun quilt back.

    The birds are so fun.

  5. The other day I bought a women's dress at the thrift shop. I pulled it apart already; it's going into a quilt!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Boxers, pjs, dresses....I'm going to start looking at everyone's clothes in a different way...well...maybe not everyone's underwear!;)
    Thanks for the ideas!!

  7. what a great tip! those are fun fabrics and would make perfect quilt backs!