Thursday, December 10, 2009

Still Busy...But Seeing the End of the Tunnel!

Here is a basket full of fun and yes, I sure did have fun making them...this is the 8 of 12 small quilts I have been working on. I'm not even going to worry about getting the other 4 done in time for the Christkindlmarket on Saturday. I really want to try to free motion quilt on those and I have to prepare myself for that since I'm still kinda unsure of it all.

Here are 8 tablerunners/toppers I finished yesterday. I really like making these because I can have fun making any kind of block I want and sew a few together, machine quilt, hand bind and it's done and they really come out nice and they are quick. Five of them are Christmas/winter, two of them are leftover wonky blocks and one is a wonky the wonk!!:)



  1. beautiful :) looks like you have been very busy!

  2. I"m in trouble. But, I did get some note cards like you were telling me, they're pretty cute.

  3. Looks beautiful! I've already given Beth my shopping list. I hope you have good weather, warm feet, and enthusiastic customers.

  4. They all look great, Roo! I love the wonk, too. Will it be hard for you to let all these lovelies go?

  5. Thanks all...I'm looking forward to the Market tomorrow. Beth...did you do more wood paintings? I really want to buy one of those and I'm glad you did some notecards...gonna get some of those too....maybe we can do some bartering?!:)

    Hmmmm...warm feet!:)