Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowzilla on Steroids!! went out four hours ago and it was 17" deep and it has not stopped...if anything it is snowing harder! We are getting at least an inch an hour.....I'll go out and measure again tomorrow.

Dear Husband has been out there plowing for 3 hours with our little tiny Ford tractor and the only way he was able to play is because a lovely neighbor came up our driveway with his big boy tractor!:) The wind is blowing snow everywhere, especially in your face!

In D.C. alone this is now the 6th largest snowstorm on record and the largest December storm ever! Loudoun County has already canceled school for Monday and Tuesday so the local kids are starting their Winter break early...Merry Christmas to them!:)

Our driveway is about 2/10ths of a mile long....ugh....but this time the evergreens on both sides are really helping with drifting...a living snow fence.

It is dark now....I think I am going to be scared to look outside tomorrow morning....I'm hoping to be greeted by the sun!!

I know lots of kids are going to be adding sleds to their wish list....I just want snowboots that keep me warm!;)



  1. it might be a little scary to look outside - but kinda exciting at the same time! Today was our first 'real' snow and it just feels like Christmas! we didn't get much in the way of accumulation here though. Happy Shoveling :)

  2. That's amazing Dolores!! Glad your husband had some help from the big tractor... and to think I was excited by our nearly an inch yesterday! ha ha ha ...

    I see you have adapted the hat too! Ace !!

  3. Hey, Mags, we got a half inch overnight and the kids are out sledging!!! Heh-heh. I love snow like this if you don't have to go anywhere!!

  4. Wow, I thought we had a lot of snow (about 15cm, infact that is a lot for my area of England. We are certainly not geared up for snow, and if it settles that really throws the cat amoungst the pigons. I have to go to work this morning, and provided I can get out of my road the other main roads are clear. Last work day before Christmas, so then it can snow more. Is that selfish or what. keep warm. 'Sewjo'