Friday, December 4, 2009

Look What I Won!!

We're on the 4th round of the Old Red Barn Quilt-Along making Circle Quilts with Crazy 9 patch, String squares, Curved Piecing, Applique Circles and Snowballs!! Phew....are we really doing all that!:)
Heidi "Hats" Elliot is leading us in this latest round and she had a fantastic giveaway and guess who won!! Yep...I did and here is what I received in the mail today....

Not only did she send me the circle cutter, Heidi also included two awesome FQs, this adorable Target shopping bag and a lovely card with a rhinestone!:) WhooooooHoooooo....thanks Heidi!! So of course the next thing I had to do is try out that cutter and here is the results...

That thing cut like butter! All you do is figure out what size circle you want and divide by two! The yellow arm has a ruler on it so you just loosen the screw and slide the pointy end of the cutter to what will be the center of your circle and tighten. Slide up the blade guard, grab the handle on the top and swing it around on the fabric and you have a PERFECT circle...and hole in your fabric!!:) Fabulous!! I'll be using these circles as appliques on my quilt....after Christmas!:)


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  1. Congrats again, you lucky dawg! Your loot looks great, lovely circles! I think I might need one of those....

    HEY! SANTA! Listen up. :)